Hello. My name is Stanislav Grechko, I am contributor and individual validator in blockchain projects.

I love the idea of decentralization and I love being part of the global community of the crypto world that brings so much value to society as a whole.

I am part of the Web3Brothers technical association, an association that actively participates in the development of blockchain infrastructure.

I successfully completed the course completed the technical and humanitarian course of the Distributed Validators Synctems school, and I have all the necessary skills in maintaining the nodes

Testnets + contribution

NYM node holders for 9 months


Made a set of stickers and emoji for the Sui project

See on discord



Diamond NFT for running node on Hopr


The validator is currently running on the mainnet

BananaMaker validator


Polymesh testnet participant running with the bulls


Media content for Hydra DX and Basylysk pro


Aleo testnet + contribution

Created an alternative tool for viewing the parameters of nodes in the Aleo network, also participated in the setup ceremony




Kyve project

Creating intros, meme, technical tasks


To see what was done on the testnet and what contributions were made for the project - CLICK on the project logo


2% validator commission

Existing internet protocols leak sensitive data that can be used without users knowledge — Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network and application layers.

3% validator commission

MediBloc's healthcare solutions backed by blockchain technology are designed to solve a wide range of problems which arise from generating, managing and utilizing medical data.


Сonfident user of photoshop and illustrator

Сreating memes and graphics for social networks

Editing and creating videos

Installing, supporting and maintaining nodes of blockchain projects

Maintaining social networks and telegram channels

Translation of articles and documentation into Russian and Ukrainian

In order to confidently work with nodes I graduated from the school of validation and I urge you to take this course to improve your skills in this area

If you want to become part of a Distributed network of validators(DVS) in blockchain projects, you have the opportunity to take a training course to acquire the necessary skills.



I am not anonymous and therefore reputation is important to me.

You can always contact me in any convenient way.

Long Term Vision & Contribution

I believe in the future of decentralization.

I am here to stay for the long term and actively contribute to the blockchain space with the educational & promotional content.

Community oriented

The community is an important part of project development. I am a 100% team player, and I am part of many communities and I understand that the basis of productive interaction is proactivity and mutual assistance.


Servers leased meet official hardware requirements and located in reputable well-known data centers. Supported projects are constantly monitored for updates. Best practices are applied to maintain high security level.